Promotional gifts

Promotional gifts are a component of the marketing mix and follow the evolution of this: they must therefore be researched and studied for different needs in order to achieve the optimal impact and to be remembered.

In Zero Pixel we have a huge catalog of over 6,000 promotional gifts and in addition to these we research and propose different custom solutions.
Thousands of interesting and stimulating gift ideas: a combination of functional and fun, innovative and classic best sellers for successful promotional campaigns.

Why promotional customized gifts?

  • they identify the company and therefore act as a reminder for the customer who owns them
  • they please the customer who gets an unexpected gift
  • they collaborate to increase the prestige of the company

Download HERE our gadget catalogue in PDF version (168 Mb)


  • Business gifts
  • Domestic gifts
  • Free time gifts
  • Promotional clothing
  • Electronic gifts
  • DIsplay
  • Calendars
  • Promotional gifts