Press office

Press office is a service that aims to take care of relations with the media of the reference sector of companies.
Appearing on TV and printed media satisfies the ego, while the online media gets sales. So is it still important to appear in traditional media in the digital age? Yes, because press, TV and radio still enjoy great authority, ensuring that customers or potential customers value the brand.

Today it is essential at least to integrate traditional media relations (offline) with digital pr (online), which cannot be disconnected from one another in a business communication activity. We must think in a multichannel logic, offering contents that contain authenticity, relevance and persuasion, without falling into self-reference.

Zero Pixel offers both B2B and B2C press office services in various sectors, cutting out a specific and targeted communication plan with the buying personas of your company.


  • Owned media mapping
  • Goals definition
  • Creation of customized media lists
  • Press kit creation and sending
  • Press release
  • Editorial calendar and news monitoring
  • Organization of interviews and press days
  • Press review and reporting