Conversion Optimization

How can users who visit our website become customers?

How can you increase conversions on your website? How to define reference values ​​to analyze performance?

How to optimize conversions

For over 20 years, we have been committed to generating business by creating content and optimizing conversions, bringing site users from being potential customers to become real customers and then working on their loyalty.

The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to a website that completes a desired goal (a conversion) compared to the total number of visitors (for example, a purchase, a request for a quote, contact, etc.).


Achieving a high conversion rate means having worked well on the marketing side and on the website.

When you want to define the conversion objectives, you must define the context first, without which it would be difficult to set up any type of activity.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is the process to work on to increase the percentage of site visitors who perform the desired action.

Thinking about digital marketing we always focus on the 3 most important main aspects: website, social media, image. Just in relation to the website, the most critical aspects concern usability, SEO and conversion rate and it is precisely the latter aspect that requires a lot of effort (not that SEO is less demanding, of course).

What is a good conversion rate?

Let’s start with an assumption: there are no benchmarks for conversion rates, they are subjective. Each reality is independent on the basis of internal factors and of course also on the reference market. It is therefore necessary to define medium-long term objectives on company factors, not on hypothetical reference benchmarks.

For this reason, we invest most of the time in defining the existing scenarios and then, only at the end, being able to define their specific development objectives.

Based on the objectives and results of the first tests, we can then define, monitor and improve our specific conversion rates.

How to improve conversion rates

Conversions have different values, that’s why we will have to invest and define different metrics: one thing is the acquisition of a customer, another thing is his registration to the newsletter.

We must therefore define a reference value and analyze our work:

  • checking that the pages of the site are optimized
  • highlighting our value proposition
  • by carrying out a series of A/B tests
  • optimizing calls to actions
  • etc.

For the measurement we create custom conversion values. We throw away everything we have heard and calibrate on our parameters to improve them.

For example, if we say that 10% of people register, they become customers. The value of a customer is 10.000 euros, therefore the value of a conversion 10.000 × 10% = 1.000 euros.

Not all conversions have the same ease of acquisition nor the same value, metrics must be defined appropriately for the correct development of the business.

Marco Daturi
Marco Daturi
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