Reliability, professionalism, support and continuous help are the characteristics that distinguish Marco and the entire ZeroPixel team.
We can always count on them and their valuable advice. I am the perfect partner for a business collaboration.

Before Zero Pixel we thought social media had potential. Thanks to their professionalism, they are now an indispensable resource.

In these years of working together on different fronts, I have always had the certainty of being able to count on Marco and his team, thanks to their availability. The ability to quickly adapt the solution to the request, flexibility and professionalism guaranteed quality and trust in collaboration.

A truly multitasking partner, as the market currently wants. Concrete answers in both the digital and traditional areas, thanks to Zeropixel we have increased conversions and reached new customers.

At Camel Dive Club & Hotel, we consider Marco not only a professional partner but also a friend. Marco has incredible motivation and insight when it comes to bringing the latest in digital marketing innovations to the global travel and diving community. Combined with the stunning publication ‘Scuba Zone Magazine’ and a passion for scuba diving, he has enabled us to share our goal as an industry leader, to provide outstanding services within the diving industry with great success in the Italian diving niche. We look forward to evolving our partnership for many years to come and highly recommend his work!

I had the luck to work with Marco for several years: Marco is a capable, business oriented and problem-solving manager, being able to establish with business partners a truthful and wholehearted relation.

I have known Marco for many years, his passion is the solid foundation on which he has built expertise and knowledge in the world of marketing, making him a trusted partner.

I have known Marco for many years and have always appreciated his competence, loyalty and reliability. For some years now I have been very happy to start a working collaboration which I will confirm also for future years.

Marco is one of the best professionals in the marketing and communication sector, with great experience also in the use of social media. Marco is not only professional, helpful, flexible; has a real “professional empathy” thanks to which it adapts to different needs, solving any situation. In short … a great professional!

Mete Subacque is grateful to Marco and all his staff for the great professionalism, availability and competence they have always shown in the answers to our requests. Their collaboration in corporate marketing strategies represents for us an essential and indispensable element for achieving the objectives.

I have known Marco for almost 20 years, when he asked me to work with him 6 years ago, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. Our center has always been a partner of all Marco’s proposals, which has always proved to be an exceptional person. Especially patient with me, given my lack of propensity for technology, his technical preparation and availability has always proved indispensable. Thank you very much to Marco and his collaborators.

Professionalism, proactivity, flexibility and availability. The collaborators that contain all these skills are rare, especially among creatives and webmasters.

Marco is a person always ready to help. Very knowledgeable of his clients and passionate about his work. He always makes the things easy.

Marco is a very skilled marketer with a profound understanding of the online marketing world. He is a very positive person to work with, delivering on time and always trying to fulfil his customers’ needs.