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Wine Marketing 3.0
The new wine marketing

The marketing scenario has changed again even for wine producers.
We are all well aware of the problems that wineries, restaurants, bars and wine shops are experiencing. A return to the “normality” of the past is unlikely, even when we have overcome the health emergency and the current crisis. We are the protagonists of a radical change in habits and behaviors.
E-commerce has grown exponentially, quickly catching up with other countries where wine lovers have been familiar with online purchasing for years.

  • Wine producers must adapt to change starting from their approach to marketing.
    Contact with customers has changed and the tools to be used in wine marketing 3.0, the new marketing for wine, have changed.
  • Having a website created two years ago is no longer enough: today websites must be fast and designed for mobile, they must anticipate the needs of existing customers, but above all of potential customers. And to do this, they must first understand who they are, what drives them to buy wine online and what techniques are necessary for them to return, regularly, to buy that wine, precisely from that producer.
  • Sales campaigns are now also played out on the Internet and must be effective.
  • The construction and consolidation of corporate reputation is moving further and further away from traditional word of mouth and moving quickly online, to social media.
  • The value of products has changed, just as the way of constructing the price has changed. The price lists need to be reviewed, and the new approach to marketing allows in many cases to increase the profit margin, with increases in the selling price.

One of our recent success stories: Cantine Rossella

Many wine producers like you will have read about Cantine Rossella, a small and prestigious producer from the Oltrepò Pavese who acted quickly to transform their business using new digital marketing techniques. In just 6 hours Cantine Rossella not only sold over 3,000 bottles of wine, but also increased its customer volume, building customer loyalty and increasing profit margins. (Cantine Rossella: 3thousands bottles sold in 6 hours)

We at Zero Pixel assisted this manufacturer throughout the digitization process.

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