Change Marketing: the first book in Italy

Change is often scary, but it is always necessary to face it even at work both to respond to an impacting event and to avoid slipping into the last natural phase of the product’s life cycle: decline.

Change Marketing is the key tool to guide this change towards a new route, defined in the strategic vision.

The method for organizing activities primarily involves a preliminary check-up analysis, necessary to have a complete picture of the situation.

This is followed by a review of the corporate identity, which is then operationally developed into a series of tools functional to achieving the objectives.

The corporate identity identifies the vision, mission and core values ​​of the company, encompasses its culture, history and skills. It has a well-defined personality and expresses itself with its own image and tone of voice which, together with the value proposition, create the corporate reputation and brand identity perceived by external stakeholders.

Here is illustrated the Corporate Identity Matrix Framework , a useful work tool for providing a structured and understandable overview of the corporate identity, a guide for communication, in order to make the most of the corporate identity, evaluating its reputational impact towards all stakeholders .

228 pages | 4 parts | 3 extra bonus

You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start from where you are and change the ending

At a time when society and the world of marketing are evolving too much quickly, this work will be useful to all professionals and entrepreneurs who, like me, are wondering about best practices and strategic changes to make in order to remain, but above all to be, more competitive.

Picture of Marco Daturi

Marco Daturi


Marketing expert, Marco Daturi has worked for large multinationals, professionals and SMEs, managing hundreds of projects in different sectors. Considered a premature digital native with many passions including technology and digitalization.

“I discovered marketing at university, and it has become my job for 30 years. I have experienced many projects, met many people and read hundreds of books before writing this on a fundamental topic for organizing work, corporate identity.”

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